This was a very fun render to create. It combined quite a few aspects of Blender which I have had less experience in such as sculpting and texturing with PBR materials. Overall a great render with a lot of time sunk into it. For this project, I also adopted a new color management system known as “Filmic blender” which makes the lighting more true to real life by increasing the amount off f-stops that blender has from 8 to 25 allowing for a higher dynamic range.


I started this project with the idea of making an aquarium. It didn’t stop with the aquarium. I decided to make an entire modern living room. It was very fun but also challenging as I had to figure out a way to make the room interesting and add depth to it so it didn’t look like I just scaled up the default cube and put my aquarium in it.

In the end it turned out pretty good although I would like to fixed the slight graininess but I felt that after spending quite a few hours on the project I wanted to move on to other things. All in all a great learning experience.


One of my most challenging projects yet. It was very fun but also infuriating to work on. I’m finally getting a hang of texturing (something I’ve been bad at) and it was fun using previous knowledge of the compositor to make the scene blend together very nicely and also achieving a nice contrast with the valve. All in all a very good learning experience for me.

Infinity Stone

Using a lot of the skills I have learnt from my previous projects and by learning some new ones too I created a stone inspired by the time stone from “Avengers Infinity War”. The project ended up with very fine results although because of the volumetric lighting the render took a long time. It payed of in the end though.


Render I made about two months ago but forgot to upload. I liked how it turned out but If I made it again I would make some changes to the sun. I would make the shining aura smaller and less “fuzzy”

First Low-poly Scene

This is my first low-poly scene.

This is my first low-poly scene using the new Blender 2.8 beta.

I really enjoyed using the new Blender 2.8 beta. Everything is more streamlined and easy to understand and the UI is very clean. I rendered this image with the new rendering engine Eevee. The real-time rendering helped a lot with building the scene. Being able to see the changes while working with it made changes to materials quick and easy. Giving me the desired colours easier.