Submerged Skirmish

There were a lot of elements to this scene each one taking hours to refine. The focus of this project was lighting and rigging. I spent quite a bit of time both creating and rigging the robot and also sculpting the octopus. I tried out Substance Designer for the first time using it to make the material for the octopus’s skin.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project regardless of the countless obstacles I hit and I am wonderfully content with the results.

Me In Space

This project was difficult. Very difficult. Getting my face into blender and also rigging the charterer took forever. Well now It’s done and it was fun. Even more fun is the result.


I wanted to work on new and different styles and so I decided to make a toon-like cell shaded image. Having played a lot of Battlefield 1 I wanted to do something related to WW1 planes. The plane model is a Salmsom 2-A2.


This was made for the March contest on r/blender. I didn’t have time to post it here. But here it is now, 2 months late. Anyway the following is the description that I accompanied the post with when i submitted it for the competition.

I decided from the very begging to take a straight-on approach. I was inspired by the recent HBO series Chernobyl, and I remembered researching the incident and reading about ionized airglow. A phenomenon that occurs during a nuclear meltdown where so much radiation is being produced that it literally makes the air light up. I thought hey that would be a cool render! Well, here it is. I took quite some time and there are still improvements I would like to make.

This is my first Eevee render. I chose Eevee for the simple fact that my 1080 actually couldn’t handle the volumetrics in cycles. This meant i had to spend extra time getting the lighting right so it looked (more) real and I am actually amazed at the power off Eevee.

D’Addario Pick Box

I decided to make a render of my pick box just for some fun practice. Put a bit of extra effort into the lighting to make it more interesting. 10/10 would do again.


This was a very fun render to create. It combined quite a few aspects of Blender which I have had less experience in such as sculpting and texturing with PBR materials. Overall a great render with a lot of time sunk into it. For this project, I also adopted a new color management system known as “Filmic blender” which makes the lighting more true to real life by increasing the amount off f-stops that blender has from 8 to 25 allowing for a higher dynamic range.


I started this project with the idea of making an aquarium. It didn’t stop with the aquarium. I decided to make an entire modern living room. It was very fun but also challenging as I had to figure out a way to make the room interesting and add depth to it so it didn’t look like I just scaled up the default cube and put my aquarium in it.

In the end it turned out pretty good although I would like to fixed the slight graininess but I felt that after spending quite a few hours on the project I wanted to move on to other things. All in all a great learning experience.


One of my most challenging projects yet. It was very fun but also infuriating to work on. I’m finally getting a hang of texturing (something I’ve been bad at) and it was fun using previous knowledge of the compositor to make the scene blend together very nicely and also achieving a nice contrast with the valve. All in all a very good learning experience for me.